"The matriarch is a cheerful ignoramus…played with a perfect honed dopiness by Blanche Baker, an actress who…would make you laugh if she asked you how to make soup."
Ginia Bellafante, N.Y. Times

"Blanche Baker wrote and directed the movie musical 'Streetwrite'. After Sunday's screening at the Cutting Room [she recieved] a standing ovation"
N.Y. Post

"Blanche Baker is a gem as an out-of-it 1970’s matron who just can’t dust off the Eisenhower era."

"And far from being the cool, competent model mom of the TV sitcom, Ozzie Ann teeters on the edge of insanity, a mental balancing act nicely sustained by Blanche Baker."
Marilyn Stasio, Variety

"The casting of Blanche Baker as Ruth Chandler proves to be [an] important element…Baker follows her gut instinct to pull back and simply allow the character to speak for herself. Not since Hannibal Lecter has the screen seen such a coolly cunning, quietly terrifying villain as Ruth Chandler."
Barry Meyer, Penny Blood Magazine

"I'd also be remiss not to mention Blanche Baker as Ruth, who is one of the strongest points of the film…She's completely terrifying and evil but in such a different way than you're used to on film."
Alex Riviello, Creature Corner